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Why is the Funeral Important?

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It's a question nobody ever wants to ask: "How do you plan a funeral for a baby?" Planning a memorial service for a baby, however, is one way in which parents can step back a moment to remember their baby along with friends and family if they choose.

Most people have no idea where to begin to plan a funeral for an infant, and that's okay. There is no specific organization that must be met for a service, and the only thing that is important is that it honors your baby in whatever way best meets the needs of you and your partner.

Let's talk about some of the things you may wish to include, from music to readings, as well as resources that are available as you grieve.

Very Well Family talks about some of the things you may wish to include in a funeral for a baby from music to readings as well as resources that are available as you grieve:  


Planning a Funeral

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“Rituals are symbolic activities that help us, together with our families and friends, express our deepest thoughts and feelings about life’s most important events.  Baptism celebrates the birth of a child and that child’s acceptance into the church family.  Birthday parties honor the passing of another year in the life of someone we love.  Weddings publicly affirm the private love shared by two people.

. . . The funeral ceremony helps us acknowledge the reality of the death, gives testimony to the life of the deceased, encourages the expression of grief in a way consistent with the culture’s values, provides support to mourners, allows for the embracing of faith and beliefs about life and death, and offers continuity and hope for the living.

Unfortunately, our mourning-avoiding culture has to a large extent forgotten these crucial purposes of the meaningful funeral.  As a death educator and grief counselor, I am deeply concerned that individuals, families and ultimately society as a whole will suffer if we do not reinvest ourselves in the funeral ritual.”

- Dr. Alan Wolfelt